Top Rated Wireless Phones

When debating on which phone to buy, the specs on each one can seem a little confusing. All you want to know is can the phone perform like you need it to and does it come with options that you are looking for. Here are the top phones and what they provide to users.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII provides cellphone users with a bigger and brighter screen than most of its competitors. It gives users the ability to navigate the web and chat through social media sites with its many apps that users can find in the Google app store. The Galaxy is fast and you will not spend a lot of idle time waiting on it.

The iPhone is a popular phone that makes the most sense for people who love their MAC.  The screen size is smaller than the Galaxy III and it has less features.  But, for those who want an iPhone, no lack of features will stop them.

The LG Extravert is a great phone for those who spend most of their time texting. The slide out keyboard makes it easier to type messages and the smallness of the phone makes it easy to slide into your pocket. This lightweight phone is perfect for those looking for a device to talk and text.

Looking for a more price friendly version of the iPhone, the Pantech Marauder has a full screen and a clear view for users. The Marauder does much of what the iPhone does but better and free with a 2 year agreement.

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