The Future of Wireless Technology

The future of wireless technology is always expanding.  Right now WiFi hot spots can be found at home, coffee houses, airports, fast food restaurants and hotels.  Some cellular phones can even use wireless hot spots.  But this should not be surprising since technology has come a long way since the radio invention in the late 1800’s.

Today, wireless technology is used for satellite communications as well, including satellite TV.  There are numerous products on store shelves including wireless recharging pads that are used for all of our electronic devices including iPads, laptops and cell phones.

Engineers and scientists are developing a system that will wirelessly recharge electric cars, trolleys and buses.  Another part of future technology that is shaping up is the laser communications system.  Laser communications system is much like fiber optic communication.  However, the difference is that laser communication means that a beam of intense light will travel through space.

Other areas in the wireless industry to keep an eye on include high altitude platform systems and superconducting technology.  This will mean that any space vehicles which travel to other planets such as the Moon and Mars will have a broader use of lasers to use for not only communication but to defend off things such as asteroids and space junk.

The field of medicine is always expanding and it is currently beginning to change over to the future of wireless technology.  Researchers are working on a way for people who are disabled to be able to control computers wirelessly.

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