Reviews of the Latest Wireless Devices

It seems that this year has seen a surge of products hit the market in the electronics field.  With all the laptops, tablets and cell phones coming out, it can be rather confusing if you are looking to buy one of these items.  Here is a review of a notebook, phone and tablet.

People purchase laptops for a variety of reasons.  Gaming is one of the reasons that a large number of people purchase a notebook.  As far as gaming laptops are concerned, one of the best is the Samsung Series 7 Gamer.  This bad boy has a large screen, amazing graphics, a fast processor and all the features a gamer would need.

It seems that everyone wants a tablet these days.  One of the best tablets is the Nexus 7.  The Nexus 7 is a product of Google with a crisp screen, lightweight design and amazingly long battery life.  The Nexus 7 now comes with 16GB instead of the original 8GB.  The tablet starts under $200 and has an Android 4.2 operating system.

There are so many different types of cell phones out there.  But the best of the best are probably the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy III.  Why, you ask?  Well the Samsung is the leading edge of the Android devices and the iPhone 5 is the best ios device to-date.   The newer versions have a bigger screens and a faster processors.  The choice comes down to Apple or Android.

Electronics are fun and convenient.  Hopefully these three reviews have shared some light on what you may want to consider when shopping for electronics.

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