Cell phones, Computers and TV can all work together

Smart TVs with wireless connections – How Cell phones, Computers and TV can all work together

First smart phones came on the market and are quickly the new standard in wireless technology. Now smart TVs have come on the scene and are making their mark on the technological world and the way we view television.

Smart TVs are able to connect to the Internet and other devices through Bluetooth technology. With many people now subscribing to internet television websites, such as Netflix and Hulu, Smart TVs make connections much easier. ON a smart TV it is possible to have both an internet connection to view the online movie and TV subscriptions as well as having a cable network.

Smart TVs can operate through a cloud network, which is the latest and greatest way to connect a variety of internet capable devices together. Through a cloud network, each device that is connected to the network is able to share photographs, downloads, and view any data that is saved on other devices. Since televisions generally have a much larger screen for viewing than laptop computers, phones, and tablets, showing photos and user captured video through the Smart TV would make for a better experience.

Smart television sets are great for networking and social media. Smart TVs now support a variety of applications that smart phones also use to operate. Through the Bluetooth and internet connection, your Smartphone device can transmit and share data with your Smart TV ensuring that in the event of a malfunction of your phone, all of your personal data is saved on another device. Smart TVs are the newest way to stay connected and provide the best in home theater entertainment

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