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Verizon Network Best in Class (again)

The Verizon network best in class rating has been pretty consistent for many years.

Wireless Works has provided Verizon services since they began offering service in California.

Root Metrics is an independent ranking of the major wireless providers.  This report covered the last half of 2014.  The #1 ranking of Verizon was based on over 500,000 measurements while driving over 288,000 miles.  You can read the full report here:

Root Metrics


Our value proposition at Wireless Works is simple.  Take the best wireless network in the US and combine with unbeatable local service and you have a winner.

Wireless Works offer plans on the Verizon network that Verizon does not offer.  Here is an example of three such plans:

  1. Low Volume Plan         $14.99 includes 300 ANYTIME minutes…and only $.05 cents per minute over
  2. Unlimited Talk & Text   $64.99 plus 3 GB of data – sharable with other lines on the same bill
  3. Unlimited Everything    $139.99 All the talk, text and data you want
  4. If you want to switch to Wireless Works – we will pay up to $150 in early termination fees

** Please contact our store for details….

The Future of Wireless Technology

The future of wireless technology is always expanding.  Right now WiFi hot spots can be found at home, coffee houses, airports, fast food restaurants and hotels.  Some cellular phones can even use wireless hot spots.  But this should not be surprising since technology has come a long way since the radio invention in the late… Continue Reading

Best Wireless Providers

Where Does Your Wireless/Cell Phone Provider Fall? From the Best to the Worst According to Customer Reviews Reading customer reviews is the best way to know where your provider falls in the ranks of its competitors. The truth remains that your location is going to weigh heavily on the type of reception you will get… Continue Reading

We offer nationwide wireless services on the Verizon network with plans and services only available from Wireless Works.