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Find My Smartphone – Install BEFORE You Lose it

iPhone or Android – do this now!


Make sure you set Find My iPhone ON – right now is a good time…

If Find My iPhone is enabled on your missing device

You can use Find My iPhone to locate your device and take additional actions that can help you recover it and keep your data secure. Sign in to on a Mac or PC or use the Find My iPhone app on another iOS device.

  1. Locate your device. Open Find My iPhone, and select a device to view its location on a map. If the device is nearby, you can have it play a sound to help you or someone nearby find it.
  2. Turn on Lost Mode. Using Lost Mode, you can remotely lock your device with a four-digit passcode, display a custom message with your phone number on your missing device’s Lock screen, and keep track of your device’s location.

Here is the link for finding my iPhone:

find my iphone


If you have an Android phone – do this right now.  Install this app:

It does not work on all models, if so you can search “find my android phone” and try another one.


find my android

Best Mobile Apps

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