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5 Cool Things Your Android Can Do for You

5 Cool Things Your Android Can Do for You

If you are a loyal Android Smartphone user, then you probably have certain favorite features about your

If you are a loyal Android Smartphone user, then you probably have certain favorite features about your

Android phone that make your life easier. But, perhaps there are some features you don’t know yet.

Just in case, here are five cool things you may not know about your Android Smartphone that will make

you fall even in more in love with it.

1) Swipe

Apple still hasn’t caught onto this very cool feature that makes texting so quick, easy and convenient! Swipe allows you to glide over a path of letters instead of typing them individually. It will either auto-fill the most obvious word or gives you a list of possibilities. Swiping takes texting to a whole new level that iPhone users can’t even touch.

2) Force Reboot

Sometimes your Android may get overwhelmed and just freeze up, FRUSTRATING! Rather than waiting for it to sort itself out, here is a nifty trick to get back on track with all that calling and texting you need to do to stay in touch. This little shortcut will save you some time and frustration. Just press the Power Button+ Home Key + Volume up button simultaneously. Wha-la, reboot done, and you are on your way again.

3) Unlock with Face Detection

In the Jellybean version of Android, developers promise a sweeter version with enhanced features for Android users, which include face recognition that requires a blink of the eyes to make sure you are a live person. In order to activate this feature on your Android try this: Go to Settings > Security > Screen lock > Face unlock.

4) Taking Screenshots, This is a very cool

Screenshots are a very cool feature because it turns your phone into a little computer and doesn’t require any additional applications in order to work. This feature varies depending on the Android device you have. There are several tips and tricks for screen capture on Androids, but try this one for starters: Simply press volume down button and power button. This super cool feature, because it helps you locate it if it is is lost or stolen. This  feature enables you to still access the phone and even call it, even if the SIM card was replaced. You can even delete all your personal information off the phone if you are unable to retrieve it. Simply set it up like this: go to Settings > Security > Device administrators. This feature will allow you to encrypt your device by going to Settings > Security > Encrypt. Doesn’t that make you feel all safe and warm inside?

Stay tuned to learn more cool things about your Android. We will keep posting more cool stuff you want to know about your Android, but were too cool to ask. Stay cool!

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