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Where Does Your Wireless/Cell Phone Provider Fall? From the Best to the Worst According to Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews is the best way to know where your provider falls in the ranks of its competitors. The truth remains that your location is going to weigh heavily on the type of reception you will get from the chosen wireless or cell phone provider. Nationwide, Verizon maintains the top spot on the listĀ amongĀ its competitors in the industry. There are only a few negative reviews and those are not even that bad. The gist of the negative reviews regarding Verizon is mostly about some of the phones being of lesser quality than expected. Verizon is also the top rated provider for wireless internet for customers that use their wireless internet service.

T-Mobile and Alltel are a close second on this list. The two have received almost identical reviews from consumers. Positive remarks are left for both companies in regards to equipment choices. The negativity comes from the service as a whole. Both Verizon and Alltel have more dead zones than Verizon.

Last on the list of major providers is Sprint. Not only does their equipment fail frequently but they have the most dead zones out of all of the major providers. The high priced service does not live up to the hype that Sprint puts out about their service. More complaints were registered in 2012 than in the last five years.

If your cell or wireless phone provider is a prepaid service, the quality of your service will depend greatly upon the main carrier. For instance, Virgin Mobile is rated higher than Boost. Boost runs off of Sprint service while Virgin Mobile runs off of Verizon. It’s all about research and reading customer reviews before selecting a carrier. Customer reviews come from real experiences which helps consumers gauge the type of service they can expect if they should choose to go with that specific cell phone or wireless provider.

Wireless Works offers a variety of wireless carriers, but most of our business is done with Verizon.

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