Best Mobile Apps

The Number one Apps for Android Phones

When it comes to looking for the best Android Phone you want to make sure it includes the best apps and games. If you are not sure what those are, we have a great list compiled for you.

This app is tailored to fit the users need. It organizes all your apps into folders so you do not have them thrown all over the screen. It also picks the best apps you will enjoy and use the most often. This app is essential for those you will be downloading lots of apps.

iTriage Mobile Health

Looking for a great app to get your health under wraps, the iTriage app will do just that. This app will help you with symptoms you may be experiencing and locate the closest doctor. It will also give you plenty of information on diseases and disorders.


For those who enjoy taking pictures, the Instagram app will be a favorite. You can look like a professional photographer by creating images with numerous special effects. Now owned by Facebook, you can send your Instagram photos right to the social media site.


Pinterest is one of the fastest growing websites and now of course there is even an app for it. You can get great ideas on home d├ęcor, recipes, and even Halloween costumes. The possibilities are endless. You can even follow your friends and see what types of things they may be pinning. This is a great way to get ideas for Christmas gifts.

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