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5 Cool Things Your iPhone Can Do for You

5 Cool Things Your iPhone Can Do for You

Technology is cool for how it’s improved the quality of our lives and allowed us to do cool things. Apple has been an industry leader for introducing amazing technology through their iPhone family of smartphone products.

Even though we think technology is a good thing, it can also be frustrating and overwhelming if you don’t understand how to use it. We’re committed to simplifying smartphone technology for you, by making it easy to understand and use.

If you’re an iPhone user and want to know more about all the cool features of your iPhone, then read on, because this one’s for you. We’ll start with some of our favorites for now. Later we’ll let you know about some of the more obscure ones most people don’t know yet.

IPhones are cool because they have so many features that make your life better. Here are five cool things about your iPhone you may not know about that can help make you a lot cooler too:

1. Camera

For starters, iPhone cameras rock! Everyone else is trying to make theirs as good as

Apple, but iPhone cameras still reign supreme. Once you take a photo, you can doctor it up as if you were a professional graphic artist using Photoshop to pretty up all those photos you’re taking of your family and friends. Use the iPhone camera like a pro, and you will have friends wherever you go.

2. Face-Time Calling

Face-Time is a cool feature of the iPhone 4 that allows you to make high-quality videos of video conference calls with family, friends and business colleagues for future reference if need be. Simply tap on the Face-Time Button. If you are a social media or blogging rock star this feature helps make you even cooler than you already are!

3. Books

Use this feature for reading books on your iPhone, no matter what format used. It has cool features that make it seem like you are turning the pages of a book. You can even save your place with a bookmark and highlight text you want to remember.

4. YouTube Videos

Just got better on the iPhone, because the quality of the videos is optimized for the iPhone experience. You can even bookmark your favorites to save to watch over and again.

5. Easy synchronization

Apple technology makes it easy to synchronize all kinds of useful stuff with your iPhone, like your music from iTunes, videos, calendars, emails, and photos.  Life is better with an iPhone, and these are just five cools things we thought you should know about your iPhone. Stay tuned for more cool things about your iPhone that we’ll be sharing with you in the future.

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